Polymer Composites

Stronger materials, lighter products

Nanofibrillated Cellulose (NFC) increases the strength and thermal stability of polymer composites and foams by acting as a fiber reinforcement within thermoplastic or thermoset resins.

Key features and benefits of NFC include:

  • Significantly Increases Tensile and Flexural Properties
  • Increases the Heat Deflection Temperature of Materials
  • 100% Natural Material from Renewable Forestry Feedstocks

Polymer Composites application examples for NFC include:

  • Automotive Thermoplastic Compounds
  • Injection Molded Consumer Goods Items
  • Composite Material Parts and Components
  • Foam Seating and Foam Cushioning Materials
  • Extruded and Rotational Molded Parts and Components

Turning wood into Nanofibrillated
Cellulose fibrils of exceptional
strength and purity.

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