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Product Definition

Cellulose is one of nature’s most abundant materials. Performance BioFilaments utilizes wood pulp to produce cellulose filaments using a proprietary processing technology. The process results in cellulose filaments of exceptional strength and purity, with an extraordinary high and unique aspect ratio.

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The strength of cellulose filaments is comparable to that of aramid (e.g. Kevlar™). Aramid is made from nonrenewable petroleum inputs, whereas cellulose filaments are completely renewable and have an extremely low carbon footprint.

Cellulose filaments can be used in a wide range of applications, including as a reinforcement agent, a rheology modifier or other. Industries that could benefit from this technology range from automotive and manufacturing, to construction and consumer products. Cellulose filaments can result in lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles to more resilient coatings and advanced filtration systems. As illustrated below, cellulose filaments are differentiated from other cellulose products by their unique aspect ratio and particle size. The material is a ribbon-like form of cellulose that is very long and thin.

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Product Form

Performance BioFilaments can supply cellulose filaments in two forms, depending on customer needs and preferences in the areas of product applications, logistics and storage. Cellulose filaments can be supplied in wet fluff form, with a specific moisture content, typically ranging from 30% to 50% filament material. Cellulose filaments are also available in rolls of dried film for applications that require the product to be stored for long periods of time or shipped over large distances. Cellulose filament films are readily dispersible in water or other solvents, and once dispersed, have similar properties to the fluff form. Most interestingly, cellulose filament films have the potential to be used directly as a layered component in the production of certain laminated composites. Please see our applications section for more details.

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