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Performance BioFilamentsUnlocking the Foundation of Nature’s Elements

Performance BioFilaments Inc., a joint venture between Mercer International Inc. and Resolute Forest Products, is focused on the development of commercial applications for cellulose filaments, one of the world’s most exciting new biomaterials. Cellulose filaments have unique performance-enhancing properties with significant potential to improve a wide array of consumer and industrial products. Derived from wood fibre – a renewable natural resource – cellulose filaments optimize the strength, stability, flexibility, and longevity of a variety of materials including composites, coatings and consumer products.

Backed by two of the world’s leading forest products companies, Performance BioFilaments is engaging development partners to utilize the unique attributes of cellulose filaments for applications in industries ranging from automotive and manufacturing, to construction and consumer products. From lighter-weight, more fuel efficient vehicles to more resilient coatings and advanced filtration systems, cellulose filaments can improve performance, while reducing costs and increasing renewable content.


Joint R&D Opportunities: Enhance Your Product with Cellulose Filaments

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